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Monday, February 25, 2008

Thursday Night Tequila

My mom is in town, so what better way to celebrate than to head to The Spanish Kitchen and drink tequila? The night, in photograph:

Believe it or not, this is before we left the house

My delicious dinner , washed down with several magaritas
And then, because only after that much tequila does more tequila sound like a good idea, Jaden and I went to the store to pick some up....and had way too much fun

And finally, the after party

A night to be remembered.....sort of anyway.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The mother (I mean sister) of all brunches

I am pretty sure that Marleigh and I have officially set the new record for the Best Brunch Ever.
We left early yesterday afternoon, cruised up PCH with windows down and the radio on.
The sun was out and and doing it's job particularly well, a perfect Southern California Saturday.
We arrived at our destination, Geoffery's Malibu, right on time (sort of).
The view from our seat - gorgeous.

Marleigh - even gorgeouser.
I could not invent a better day to be had, or a better person to have it with.

This last year living with Marleigh and Ash has been wonderful. I feel completely blessed to have such an amazing relationship with my sister. I am reminded of being kids together, sharing a room and fighting over who's side is bigger. I remember teasing her and forbidding her from playing with me and my friends. I remember times when I felt so annoyed, so bugged by the little sister. And then all at once she was a friend. Sister always, but friend now too - more than friend. She is such a light in my life, a source of joy and comfort and a welcome feeling of "home". Its like I blinked and we grew up, left the little fights behind and found a bond that is unparalleled.

I love you Marble!
I will never be far away...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday bash

Well, I had so much fun at my own party that I barely remembered to take pictures! Here are the few that I did manage to capture....

Miss Lillian arrives in style...

...and its all about the shoes

Jaden Leigh


And then the rain came...but not until well after the party. Thanks Mother Nature, for not raining on my parade.

Thank you, THANK YOU to my wonderful friends and family. What a lucky gal I am..



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