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Friday, October 26, 2007

Papa John

Last week my dad was in town, and man! - did we have a great time. He met the hubby for the first time (went swimmingly, who wouldn't love Ang?). He also got to see some of my recent photos and the new ax (Nikon D40) and we BBQ'd the crap outta some shish kabobs! It was a wonderful (albeit short) week with Papa John.

A few photos of the BBQ:

The ladies

The gentlemen (tending grill)

The crazy, super-sized frisbee in action

Feral children on the loose

Papa John does not approve of my silly ass grin (and, frankly, neither do I)

As both my father and I have gotten older we have developed such a beautiful adult relationship. It is one that is rooted in my childhood memories and games, but has expanded into my grown up reality. Over the years it has changed and evolved with us, letting out guilt and awkwardness and letting in more love and trust. I treasure this connection and thrive on its continued growth. I love you Papa John, thank you for coming to visit. I will see you soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headshots and more!

Well, another first to tack up on my board, headshots. My wonderful and talented friend Bess was the ever so willing subject and I could not have hoped for a better model. Truly. She is gorgeous, uninhibited, adventurous, brilliantly skilled, easy to direct and, oh yeah - GORGEOUS! It makes it so much easier to make beautiful photographs when you have beautiful subjects.

So, here are the more traditional headshots:

And here are the more non-traditional, fun shots :

Yeah, go ahead and let your inner fairy out!

And there it is. One more feather in my hat. Thank you Bess, for your patience, your spirit and (above all else) your friendship. You f'n rock fairy girl!

PS - Any starving actors, or friends thereof, you know who to contact for your next headshots, right?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

After the rain

After last weekend's downpour....

Delicious drops everywhere

and happy blue skies

with happy bugs too.

More rain, please!

Playing with fire

After a night of wine drinking and fire starting, these pictures were left on my camera.

And, just for fun, my friends Monty and Griffen after a long plane ride and a little jet lag

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Me: Hey Marleigh, is this yours?

Marleigh: No

Me: Can I have it?

Marleigh: Yes, yes you can.

And now, it is mine. Because someone gave it to me.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Last weekend I took the train down South to visit my wonderful friend Kim. I had almost forgotten how much I love the train. Truly, I would take the train everywhere if I could. There is something so soothing and romantic about this mode of transportation. The car has it's obvious flaws, such as having to be conscious to ensure forward motion. And flying since 911 is a nightmarish ordeal that takes at least a day. But the train? It is so easy and relaxed, like the stoner friend of mass transit. You don't even have to book ahead most of the time, just show up. Perfection. I even love the long corridors that take you to your platforms...

Getting on from here continues to be easy. No security, no lines, no seating assignments. Just haul your bags up to your seat, any one you like, sit back and enjoy the ride. A gentle rocking begins as the wheels start turning and this is exactly when I get up, go down stairs to the cafe car and purchase a cold beer. Ahh. At this point in this particular train ride I sat back in my luxuriously large seat, picked up my book and sipped my beer as we rumbled down the coast. That rhythmic rocking always reminds me of being a little girl taking the train with my dad from Klamath Falls Or to Whitefish Mt to visit my brother. Now thats a train ride, about 30 hours long! Anyhow, it was only two short hours until I arrived in Solana Beach where I found Kim's beautiful smiling face waiting for me.

What a wonderful weekend we had! We drank wine on the roof of her new home
as we watched the sun set

We walked on the beach

and had breakfast at a local hot spot
What an absolutely gorgeous place

filled with plenty of blue seas
green leaves
and bugs the same color
as the sunset
Thank you, THANK YOU my darling Kim for such a wonderful little escape.



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