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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headshots and more!

Well, another first to tack up on my board, headshots. My wonderful and talented friend Bess was the ever so willing subject and I could not have hoped for a better model. Truly. She is gorgeous, uninhibited, adventurous, brilliantly skilled, easy to direct and, oh yeah - GORGEOUS! It makes it so much easier to make beautiful photographs when you have beautiful subjects.

So, here are the more traditional headshots:

And here are the more non-traditional, fun shots :

Yeah, go ahead and let your inner fairy out!

And there it is. One more feather in my hat. Thank you Bess, for your patience, your spirit and (above all else) your friendship. You f'n rock fairy girl!

PS - Any starving actors, or friends thereof, you know who to contact for your next headshots, right?


bess and monty and griffin said...

yikes....that's a whole lotta me up there. and yet, lichen... i think it's all you baby. :)

it was so much fun! and you are a dream come true.
love bess

Anonymous said...

Your shots are beautiful!!! I want some of me soon.

Lisa Callamaro said...

Gotta love the faerie lights for the faerie spirit. Check out some of Bill Viola's work. He has some beautiful shots of candles and nun/zen like women you might love. I have plans on ripping him off myself in a shoot really soon! I mean Homage him. :)

Great start for your first headshots! Keep it up. xoxo



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