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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I heart Memphis

Not much to see inBut
was fantastic! A beautiful state to drive through, the scenery changed significantly as we traveled across the Smokey Mountains. Huge trees and completely wooded areas, icy rivers and a very large, very flooded Mississippi.

We stopped early and stayed a night in Memphis - what great fun! So much fun, in fact, I don't remember the end of the night! Here's a few photos to prove I was actually there and didn't dream it up in a haze of Johnnie Walker.

Gator gumbo and ribs - YUM!

Steve continues to ride well

and so do we

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma - Oh My!

Today we have been in three states!

And they went by quicker than I thought they would. We are in Henryetta, OK tonight - truly the middle of nowhere.

We are suspended in time, 1,500 miles away from our old home and 1,500 miles away from our new home.
And this is our view, most of the time.

A few more pictures from the road:

The largest cross in the Northern hemisphere...who knew?
True cowboy food
Dinner. We totally ate here.
Wild Texan bandit.
Our magic little plant riding shotgun...
...up here with us.
Steve kicks back, relaxes a little.

Yes, that is me driving this HUGE BEAST of a truck. Do you notice how cool I look? Do you??

Oklahoman sunset tonight, as we pack in for some sleep.

We are doing great, the halfway mark passed today and tomorrow our fifth morning on the road. Amazing how we speed (not literally, of course) across this entire country, watching state by state fly by the window. Adventure rolls on, and so do we....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Leaving Los Angeles

We are three days into traveling across the country to our new home. I sit now in a small hotel room in Hollbrook, AZ, about 200 miles out side of Albuquerque and 800 miles from Los Angeles. This feels surreal, the excitement lives in my belly and swirls around every hour or so to remind me that it is there. And we have only just begun...

A few pictures, thus far:

Packing up, somehow this
turned to this
and this!!

Last margarita at El Coyote

A last picture in the courtyard
and a lovely surprise from my husband!
trying not to cry...

Off we go (and I do cry...just a little)

Steve has found his spot, he's quite the travel cat, apparently.

His alternate spot, when he gets sick of the first

First sunset on the road
First stop for the night- Needles, CA - and first dinner on the road. I had the meatloaf and it was everything I hoped for. Why does food taste better on the road?

The next morning we entered Arizona - good bye California!

Our first glimpse of snow, at The Grand Canyon

We are doing wonderfully so far. Beautiful weather (though it is a bit chilly at 5,000 feet), the truck is fantastic, Steve is happy to sleep all day, the adventurers are adventuring!!!

...and did I mention my ring?



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