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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma - Oh My!

Today we have been in three states!

And they went by quicker than I thought they would. We are in Henryetta, OK tonight - truly the middle of nowhere.

We are suspended in time, 1,500 miles away from our old home and 1,500 miles away from our new home.
And this is our view, most of the time.

A few more pictures from the road:

The largest cross in the Northern hemisphere...who knew?
True cowboy food
Dinner. We totally ate here.
Wild Texan bandit.
Our magic little plant riding shotgun...
...up here with us.
Steve kicks back, relaxes a little.

Yes, that is me driving this HUGE BEAST of a truck. Do you notice how cool I look? Do you??

Oklahoman sunset tonight, as we pack in for some sleep.

We are doing great, the halfway mark passed today and tomorrow our fifth morning on the road. Amazing how we speed (not literally, of course) across this entire country, watching state by state fly by the window. Adventure rolls on, and so do we....


bess and monty and griffin said...

WOW! you really are cool with those braids and those sunglasses drivin with your foot up! ha ha ha. and your bandit looks very suspiciously like someone i know!
you guys are so cute.
i love you

kim said...

4 states if you count bliss!

Love you!

bess and monty and griffin said...

i miss you...even as you get closer and closer.



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