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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I heart Memphis

Not much to see inBut
was fantastic! A beautiful state to drive through, the scenery changed significantly as we traveled across the Smokey Mountains. Huge trees and completely wooded areas, icy rivers and a very large, very flooded Mississippi.

We stopped early and stayed a night in Memphis - what great fun! So much fun, in fact, I don't remember the end of the night! Here's a few photos to prove I was actually there and didn't dream it up in a haze of Johnnie Walker.

Gator gumbo and ribs - YUM!

Steve continues to ride well

and so do we


Lisa Callamaro said...

Steve (the human) and I enjoyed catching up with your trip this morning. He wants to know if Steve is named after him. ;)

Thanks for keeping everyone who loves you posted on your adventure!

Love, Lisa, Steve (not the cat), Bucky (the cat) and Jaco (the crazy kitten who also enjoyed looking at Steve the cat's pictures)

kim said...

Lichey, Lichey, Lichey....Thank you again for bringing us along. I have never seen such gorgeous pictures of you! Moving on seems to definitely suit you!
Looking forward to seeing some pics of your "casa mas grande"!
I love you!



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