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Sunday, October 25, 2009

And then they drove across country...

Time to play a little photographic catch up. We successfully packed up the big old farm house in New York (thanks to Asa's grandma!) and then drove across 11 states in 6 days with everything we own, including our little car towed behind the truck, our blind cat Steve and the aforementioned grandmother. Amazing.

A few photos from the last two weeks of packing and driving and adventuring...

(Grandma and Asa have a wrestle)

(The Pack Men)

(Asa takes his turn at the wheel)

(snacks on the road)

(Antelope in Wyoming - who knew?)

(Little family, big adventure)

(The long, long road)

(Sunrise in rearview)

(Mom drives the big, huge truck)

(Cozy in his seat)

Adventures to be told and more photos to share...soon.


Emily Richardson said...

Lovely photos, Lichey. Glad to hear you arrived safely!

Michelle said...

Lichen, these are amazing! I love the antelope photo. Welcome home!

bess said...

i love them. more more. :)

Grace said...

Such wonderful pictures! It is so wonderful to share the trip. We miss you, but are so glad everyone is safe!



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