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Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 months

27 January 2010

Dear Asa,

This month brought your 6th and 7th teeth, a new determination to reach all things just over your head, your first (and only) use of sign language and curls. And boy, do I love those curls. Most people may not even be able to see them, but I can. Especially after bath time, your hair still wet. The sweetest little curly cues spring out above your ears and on the top of your head. The image is to die for: You’ve just been scooped out of the tub, wrapped in a fresh towel, warm from the dryer. I get a few, quick pat downs in, scrubbing the water off our hair briefly. And then you’re off. Naked little body tottering down the hallway, all smiles and laughter. There still isn’t much hair to speak of, but what’s there is sticking out at all angles about your head. The tiniest of curls tucked haphazardly behind little ears, and even one or two twists on the top of your head. Minuscule tufts glowing ginger blond in the late afternoon light. You are quite a sight my love.

(my little birdy, flap-flappin his wings)

Teeth, teeth and more teeth have dominated the past four weeks. You like teething about as much as you like being told not to play with the cat. Which is to say you positively HATE it. Each tooth is welcomed by drool and fever, runny nose and crankiness. Much crankiness. You’re mad about it, understandably, and even madder still that your father and I don’t make it stop. You look at us sometimes, pawing at your angry gums, pleading with whines and sobs and sharp cries. Heart breaking, to be sure. But even on the worst days you smile more than you frown.

(blowin raspberries)

My favorite thing in the world lately is to play with you. You’ve become so interactive now, so engaging. You understand the back and forth of the game, chasing me then turning around to be chased. It’s amazing to watch the connections, the realizations taking place. You’ve also started to put things away this month. Not necessarily back where they came from, but still back somewhere. I often find one of your socks in the refrigerator door, or a book in the bathtub. You very much like to take things from one place and put them in another. Bits of avocado in the toy bin, dad’s cell phone in the dishwasher, a hat in with the pots and pans. It’s always a surprise. And so far the ingenuity surpassed the annoyance.

You are walking very steady now, on your feet more often than not. You laugh when your dad or I jump out from around the corner. You have three favorite blankets, all the same soft plush, and you sleep with at least two of them every night. Your favorite food is banana and you love it when we let you have a sip of water from our glass. Your hair is somewhere between blonde and ginger and your eyes have settled on a deep stone blue. You talk a lot these days, asking for a “ba” (bottle) when you want one and search the house looking for “mom mom” or “da da da” respectively. You are always moving, always learning always growing. You are non stop, a dynamo, a bundle of action. You are my fantastic, fearless boy and I am your very, very proud mama.

Mom mom


bess said...

love you

Larkin said...

Your blog is one of my favorites worldwide; so full of love, intention, and wonderful words and photos. It is a true gift to Asa, and expresses the wonderfulness of family welcoming a human into the world. Thanks for sharing this journey.


Anonymous said...

I love it!! You write so beautifully. What a gorgeous piece of forever you are creating. I love learning about Asa's growth through these pages...looking forward to seeing you!! xoxoxox kmb



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