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Friday, April 30, 2010

13 months

27 April 2010

(wishes really do come true)

Dear Asa,

We are starting to communicate! And I couldn’t be more excited about it. And really, we’ve been communicating for a while now, in one way or another, but this is markedly different. You know a few words: mama, dad, Pa (for Papa John), and of course “no” is one of your favs. You like to repeat the first sound of words too, a big “bbbba!” when you see your stuffed bear, or a funny “ssssssstt” when you see Steve. Just recently the sign language started to kick in and I think this has helped us both out a lot. You can now tell me that you are hungry, that you want a bottle or that you want more. You can tell me that you are hurt, and (sometimes) where the hurt is. You also understand a whole bunch of words now, even if you can’t yet repeat them. You know people by name (if we ask you “Asa, where is grandma?” you always turn right to her) and you know your favorite toys (Asa, where’s the ball?). It’s all unfolding and coming together. The world is opening up love, one syllable at a time.

(one happy, messy boy)

You have a wonderful wealth of tricks now. Your headstands have evolved into handstands now. Your hands planted firmly on the ground you lift one leg in the air, still a bit unsure as to how to get the other one up there too. You like to look back at us from between your legs while you do this. I don’t think I have to tell you how freakin cute that is. Even so, I’d have to say my current favorite is “How bigs your belly”. When someone asks you “Asa, how big is your belly?” you immediately stick it out as far as you can, bending your back at impossible angles, and growl as loud as you can. Then you clap for yourself. It’s the best thing ever, I’m pretty sure.

(you love to share your food with anyone brave enough to take a slobbery bite from your grubby hands. Grandma is brave)

This month has been full of teething again, your 9th tooth, a nice molar, has popped up and you’ve let us know you are not pleased about it. Number ten is on the way. You’ve been eating and eating, new things this month were grapefruit and cheesecake (thankfully not together). You are also becoming pretty darn good with a spoon. A few weeks ago you started to refuse anything that came on the end of a spoon, didn’t matter if it was yogurt, cereal, potatoes, whatever. You’d turn your head away and screech, while reaching for the spoon. So I gave it to you, ready to throw you in the tub when the mess was done. You are so determined with that utensil love, it is absolutely endearing to watch. With very concentrated efforts you squeeze the blue plastic handle and extend your arm towards the bowl of applesauce. Your first shot misses, the spoon lands on the tray, but it’s near the bowl. The second and third tries miss the bowl as well. But you keep at it, stubborn now that you have decided what you want to do. I left you there for a good 20 minutes with that spoon and the applesauce and, by the end, you actually did get some in your mouth. Now we let you practice daily and you end up with about two thirds eaten and the rest on the tray or in your hair. Needless to say love, I am impressed.

(baba time on the couch)

The best new game in your world is to play in a fort. Grandma started this with you, making a tiny fort under your highchair. Since then anything can be a fort. You try to put blankets over everything and get under it, even me. When we play on the floor now it doesn’t take long for you to find one and try to get it over my head. To make a Mom-Fort, of course. Once I get the blanket draped over us you laugh and laugh, rolling in and out of the Mom-Fort. It gets a little hot under there, and my arms get tired holding up the edges, but it brings you so much joy I can hardly even think of taking a break.

(you LOVE to play at the park)

You also love to be outside. You love to dig with your dad and I in the garden, play with your grandma in the back and help Papa John build the planter boxes out front. Every morning you go right to the sliding glass door and press your face longingly against the glass, just wanting so badly to be out there running around. Summer is coming my love, and soon we can play out there all day long. Days filled with grass and sun and watermelon. Our first summer in Ashland together, as a family. It’s going to be another great adventure love, and we’ll all play outside together everyday. We can even make a fort. I promise.


(you always remind me to take a little time to smell, or eat, the flowers. Thanks baby)

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bess said...

loved it!!!
love the crashed ba nap with the drip of milk in the corner of the mouth and the b&w nude back bend on the plushy, also the closed eyes when yer mom's blowing fluff.



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