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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bears in the backyard

Just moments after rescuing a hummingbird, exhausted nearly to death trying to find her way out of our enclosed porch (pictures and story to follow shortly); we spotted our first bear. He was slowly combing the back yard, presumably looking for something tasty. I had only a few moments to discover it's presence and then run inside to grab the camera....

1 comment:

bess said...

adventure girl!!!da da da dum!
wildlife girl!!! ba da deeee da da dum!
how does she have so many adventures,
how come she's so much fun!
da da bumbleee dee dum! cause she's magic of course
that's why they love her
of course
all the birds and the bees and the bears and kit---teeees.
(she makes macaroons and bread and cheesiest pizza tooooooo!)
ba da doo!
shoots some pictures between choppings, it's totally true!
ba da deeee da da dum!
if i was a bear i'd certainly love you
da da bumbleee dee dum!
wait a minute i already do!
deedley dee da da, dooo!
(first glass of wine musings after buying two birdhouses on amazon for my fence posts....ho hum.)
this song rhymes with bum.



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