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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birds, bunnies and butterflies (and Steve)

The wildlife that surrounds us...

Baby bunny came to join me near the garden yesterday. She sat and watched me water and weed and didn't move one tiny little muscle - even when I came closer for a picture.

The mystery of Mrs. Bird is yet to be solved. I still don't think she's a robin, she's just too tiny (and doesn't have the tell tale brown/red chest). She's about 4-5 inches long and her mate has similar markings only a yellow head. Perhaps finches or wrens? We shall see when the wee ones hatch -- I have a perfect bird's eye view of the whole Bird family.

The local butterflies come in for a drink in the diminishing spring rain puddles.

Steve enjoys a well deserved pet

...after checking to make sure the pantry was free of mice.


Lisa Callamaro said...

Well, whatever kind of bird Mrs. Bird is, she's awfully pretty. xo

bess and monty and griffin said...

ooooo. the double butterfly is just amazing. and i think the one we said from the bird book is the one, but of course now i have forgotten.
and all of nature seems to love you too!



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