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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The mystery of Mrs Bird

...has been solved (thank you Bess and The North American Encyclopedia of Birds)! She is a Chipping Sparrow, apparently pretty common in these parts. And, whats even more exciting, is that her little blue eggs have hatched! They came out about a week ago, but its been difficult to get good pictures of the little guys...until today! I was patiently sitting in my little nook that spies right down into the nest when Momma came back. As soon as the wee ones heard her they threw open their gullets, hoping for something tasty.
Too cute!
Momma protects the nest.

In other news and happenings.....
The lilacs bloomed
and we found snakes that live under the front porch.

Ang enjoyed our fist real thunderstorm...in the buff.

We had our first house guest (hi Drew!) who found a friend of his own

On and on we roll...
...with Steve to point the way.

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bess and monty and griffin said...

i love this post!
more more more more



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