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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall - finally!

Here we are slowly slipping into winter and I'm just getting around to posting some pictures of the unbelievable fall colors. It truly is a different experience all together here in the Northeast.

Steve enjoys a nap
and stays warm in his new bag

Angus blends into the scenery

Halloween pictures to come next!


bess and monty and griffin said...

wow! you are right the amazingness is clicking on the pick and seeing it BIG BIG BIG!!! so gorgeous. wish it would stay that colorful just a lil bit longer.
can't wait for halloween too!

Anonymous said...

Lillian and I have "lurked" this entry a zillion times now. I told her you were putting up Halloween Pics next. Now she makes me check and check....

No pressure. Just love C etal.

bess and monty and griffin said...

shoot man, me too. and i am a grown up...sort of. halloween, please.



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