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Saturday, August 8, 2009

International baby

Canada is officially Asa's first international destination. We arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia just in time for his 19 week birthday after driving up the coast through Maryland and Maine. Asa was such a trooper through the whole car ride, amazing really. So far he is pretty much thrilled to nap in the giant bed or take in the sights from the stroller as we walk along the waterfront and watch dad play.

Sleeping in the car
Rest stop in New Brunswick

Hanging in the hotel room

New trick

More of our Canadian adventures to come...


bess said...

i love asa's new trick!!!! most excellent.
love you!

Anonymous said...

OH god he is cute...toooo cute!

Anonymous said...

it took me 16-ish years to get to canada..
it only took lil' asa 16-ish weeks..
dude doesn't waste time, does he?

Jeffrey said...

Nice to see you and Asa having such a fantastic adventure. We miss you.

Jeffrey, Cory, Renzo and Mina



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