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Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Northern travels

We are home now after two and a half weeks on the road and I am pleased to say we had a great time! We took three days driving up through Massachusetts and Maine, into New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Canada.

(picking flowers at a rest stop in New Brunswick)

It was a tight pack for us - what with dad's musical gear, clothes for two weeks and all the baby accoutrements. Asa just fit into the Tetris-ed in back seat.

(Can you spot the baby?)

Though we had toys galore ready for play, Asa mostly enjoyed a good chew on the seatbelt strap. He'd gnaw away at it, muttering to himself until he fell asleep.

Despite a few moments of unrest, the little man rode happily more often than not.

Halifax was a beautiful city to visit
(Even in the rain)

Dad played for 10 days at the International Busker's Festival

and in between shows we walked around town, up and down the harbor,
played in the hotel room,

and hung out with Uncle Drew.

We had such a great time on our adventure. Eating out and swimming in hotel pools, walking through the shops and watching the festival. It was a wonderful time. There are moments that are a lot of work, but we can have those moments anywhere, so why not on the road with dad? Already Asa is so well traveled and ready to roll with the punches. I am happy that this new family is so adaptable. To be able to be on the road with Angus is invaluable. And together, we keep rockin.

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bess said...

wondi and well said! rock on you 3!



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