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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another new trick: Playing the didgeridoo

Angus has played the didgeridoo for Asa since he was in my tummy - so the sound is most definitely familiar. And we have many a didge around the house, so he ends up playing with them often. Yesterday Asa decided to play - he got his mouth at the end of it and started hooting through it, delighting in the sound that came out the other end.

(Hooting away)

("Did you hear that?!")

This kid is just too darn cute sometimes.


Grace said...

Oh he is jsut soooooooooo precious!

Hamish said...

What a gorgeous didg player!

bess said...

what a little lovey. i love the scrunched up toes. he is amazing!
love you

bess said...

those little toes. i just love them so much.
i am ready for more pictures now please.
love you mucho



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